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Selling Honey in South Carolina

Honey produced in South Carolina and sold to the public must be properly labeled in accordance with the Fair Packaging and Labeling Act. Honey sold to or at roadside markets, convenience stores, health food stores, etc., must come from a registered approved source. Honey house requirements include cleanable walls and floors, approved water sources, shatterproof lighting, clean utensils and equipment, sinks, proper drainage, SC Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC) approved septic system. See Food Processor Guidelines.

View Honey Guidance for more information on how to legally sell honey.

If you ONLY sell your honey directly to the end consumer (ie. Farmers Markets) and produce no more than 400 gallons (4,800 1bs.), you can apply for registration and inspection exemption.

Note: Honey sold to the public must be labeled properly, even if you apply for an exemption.

Apply for Honey Exemption or View Honey Labeling Requirements

You will need to register with SCDA and have your honey house approved prior to selling your product to the public.

You can use a honey house that is already inspected by SCDA; however, you must submit a Shared Honey House Application and a proof of your labels to SCDA prior to producing any honey.

Honey houses can be on your premises. A converted garage, a “fixed up” shop, etc. can all be used as long as they meet SCDA requirements.