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There are always beekeepers I just haven't heard about. I've tried to make the form as easy and brief as possible!  If you know of a beekeeper, Apiary or other local honey producer that you think should be added to (or the related websites), please tell me what you know about it here! 

If you want to comment or provide feedback about a farm that is ALREADY listed on the website, please use the Feedback form instead.

Beekeepers, farmers and Farm Employees: STOP! If you are the owner or employee of the apiary, farm, market, orchard, event etc, or you have very detailed information about the farm, STOP! DO NOT use this form - this is for general visitors and customers.  Owners, Employees, Farmers, please use our detailed Add-My-Farm submission page (click here: Add My Farm).

 Customers: just tell me what you know about the farm here, and I'll try to find them! Anything you can tell me is helpful!

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